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In Sharks with Lasers, you are a secret agent trainee trying to pass an extremely dangerous field exam in order to claim your rightful place in the Mysterious Intelligence Agency (MIA). In this field exam, you are dropped into the fearsome depths of cold, dark waters and your goal is to reach a nearby island… alive. To obstruct any secret agent trainee foolish enough to try and pass the exam an army of sharks equipped with lasers has been unleashed in the waters. You and your comrades are all in for a hell of a swim, as you dash for the island and your safety. Are you skilful enough to avoid getting blasted or worse, shredded by one of the fishy monstrosities? Fortunately, you brought along something to help you achieve your ridiculous mission: N’s little science project, a shark-with-laser-dazer. N’s device is capable of controlling the utterly dangerous sharks with lasers and it even comes with a built-in laser shield. That N, isn’t such a nerd after all.

Nasty shark with laser

Sharks with lasers is a fast paced boardgame, where players secretly play movement cards to move their agent. In addition, they jointly control the sharks, by secretly playing movement cards on the sharks. The game is played in rounds of which each consists of playing cards and subsequently resolving agent and shark movement. The first player who reaches the island alive, passes the secret agent field exam, wins the game and becomes part of the secret agent elite of the MIA.



Download the English rulebook (PDF) here . This is the web version of the rulebook and therefore contains low resotion images. The final version of the rulebook will contain high resolution art.

Download de Nederlandse handleiding(PDF) hier . Dit is de web versie van de handleiding en bevat daarom lage resolute plaatjes. De uiteindelijke versie van de handleiding zal hoge resolutie afbeeldingen bevatten.

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Sharks with Lasers artwork by Panayiotis Lyris:
Panayiotis Lyris on deviantART
Panayiotis Lyris on Facebook

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