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Headspin Games is a Dutch company that is all about the fun in games.

Headspin is formed by three boardgame fanatics: Alwin Derijck (middle), Sander Kouwenhoven (left), and Edwin Commandeur (right). The company is registered at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce since march 30th 2012 (KvK 55001785).

Alwin has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. As a teenager he played numerous computer games like "Master of Orion", "Heroes of Might and Magic" and "UFO Enemy Unknown". In the board game section it was games like "HeroQuest" and "Axis and Allies", that accounted for many late nights. Luckily, BGG was there to continue this superb pastime with an ever expanding collection of great and challenging games. Alwin enjoys games with numerous options and a great theme. After curing cancer and solving neurological diseases, Alwin feels it is time to put his PhD in molecular biology and creativity to good use and start designing games for the benefit of mankind.

Sanders' interest in boardgames was revived when on a whim he bought "Starship Catan", soon he discovered BGG and that was when all the trouble started... . He will play all kinds of games from heavy economic engine builders to simple card games. Sander also likes to make all kinds of promises he won't keep in diplomatic games like A Game of Thrones. Being an arrogant, stubborn know-it-all who thinks he knows better, designing his own games was the logical next step :)

Edwin was infected with the boardgame virus by Alwin, who showed him that there's a lot more out there than boardgames like "Monopoly" or "Risk". This resulted in many late night sessions with a lot of loud "Magblast" games that were an absolute favorite. Edwin enjoys casual (board)games, German-style games and the occasional heavier game. He also has a soft spot for cooperative games and cooperatively working on a game. The latter drew him into his Headspin endeavours.

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